Why Use SDL?


Many years of PCB design experience involving all types of PCB design. From single sided to multilayer, from RF to power supplies and from audio to processor designs SDL has done them all.



SDL prides itself on its reputation. By working very closely with our clients we aim to deliver a PCB design service which goes beyond just placing and routing pcbs. We want our clients to feel confident in our abilities to provide an excellent service. We have found that communication is a key element in achieving this.


Flexible and Cost Effective

Another key element is the ability to be flexible. There are always more than 37 hours in a week and we will do our best to meet timescales by working extra hours. We are as much at home either implementing the full design from schematic capture as we are just helping out at various stages. For example, finishing your schematics or perhaps finishing a partially routed board. You choose when to use us and how long to use us for.  Also whether we work on site or from our offices, either for all or part of the design process. This enables you to keep control of the project and your overheads to a minimum.



We can create libraries, capture schematics, place and route, create output files including gerber and drill data files, assembly drawings, manufacturing drawings, pick and place files, DXF files and BOM’s. We can also help in arranging PCB manufacture and assembly.